Monday, May 7, 2012

If I won a medal at the Olympics, I'd definately shout STARS during the national anthem.

That one time that I went off on a tangent about hockey a few posts back? Right here.

My dad works in construction and he used to receive "Thank You" gifts from different contractors, vendors, bosses, clients etc. One lucky day they gave him Dallas Stars hockey tickets and so began my NHL dreams.

Growing up, I was never much of a sports fan, even though the Dallas Cowboys game was always on the tv. I never got into football. I actually went to Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Camp some 3 years in a row between the ages of 9 and 11 and the only thing I could tell my dad was how the salt and pepper are married. This was a direct quote from the "Little Miss Manners" portion that taught me when someone asks for the salt, you politely accompany the pepper and vice versa.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge this as the sweetest rule to ever apply to condiments. Maybe salt misses pepper and maybe pepper just isn't the same without salt. It's adorable, come on, stop making that gagging noise, sheeeeesh. Oh, and Troy Aikman set next to me and had the rudest table manners. Elbows on the table and everything. tsk tsk. But I got the cute costume, so in some realm it was worth it.

Yes, I can appreciate a good live game of any sporting variety. Let's exclude golf unless I get to drive the cart and have an Arnold Palmer in my hand at all times. A Drunk Arnold, if you will. Watching baseball on TV is not my idea of fun either, partially because I don't know all of the ends and outs, like why it matters that this pitcher did this or how a roster move affected the whole game or why aren't they all chewing Big League Chew?!

This is also why the roomie and I like watching sports with our guy friends that live a building over from us. Bert and Ernie, we'll call them. We can ask them all of he dumb sports questions we want and not be embarrassed. When we don't care about the team, they let us root for which ever team we think is cuter. This is why we cheered every time they showed Tom Brady's tush during the Super Bowl.

I know you're rolling your eyes, but we picked up the pizza and brought over beer, we're the best Super Bowl companions you could ask for. But if you put the Stars game on the little TV on the elliptical at the gym, I'll probably have to be carried out on a stretcher because I'll run for 3 hours.

There would be days when I was late to school because I was "sick" when actually it was because my dad was gifted tickets to a weeknight Stars game and OF COURSE I wanted nothing more than to go. Get home at midnight, no way I can make it to elementary school. Life's tough. No ponies for me, just mullet-having men knocking the teeth out of each other. Dad took me to every game he could get his hands on, bought me dozens of Stars hats (I don't wear hats), taught me the basics, and to always cheer when anyone from San Jose got the snot knocked out of them. I even had my first hockey swear. Every Dad's dream for his little girl, right?

Hockey was our thing. With younger brothers that played football non-stop, I was lucky to find a sports niche all my own. No one was more excited when Dallas won the Stanley Cup in '99. Thanks to my dad's sweet work swag, I was at dozens of playoff games in '98 and again in '99 leading up to the Cup win.

I know I'm from Texas and this is Cowboy country and blahblahblah.

I also wanted to marry Mike Modano. I still might. I'm keeping my options open. SWEET SASSY MOLASSEY, I started this with an incident from the Mavs game in mind to talk about and turned this whole trip around to talk about hockey. Well, while I'm on this track I might as well say that since I've moved back to Dallas, I've made it back to being the Stars fan that I was when I was 9. Yes, I'm painfully aware that they aren't in the Playoffs AGAIN, but I'll stay strong.

Now, if only I could fit into my old Zubov jersey.

Round And Round by Imagine Dragons. My new music obsession.This whole CD has been on repeat for weeks. Thank me later.

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